OCTOBER 23, 2023 AT 2:42 PM

The below is Not medical advice, just some avenues for more options that I’ve come upon since my recovery thru conventional methods a few years ago.

Places to research?
Health channels on Telegram
Dirt Road Discussions is an example.  Most channels have a search button.  Some, you can even ask questions.

These come up regularly in posts.
Ivermectin  (now known to kill most cancers)
Fenbendazole  (Joe Tippens Protocol is a popular one)
Raw apricot seeds (a couple a day is recommended, and I do this for preventative measures)
Dandelion Root Extract,

What is cancer caused by?
Parasites  (they are in all humans, dogs and cats, horses, cows, sheep, and goats).

Who will never tell you this?
Big Pharma

…It’s worth researching.


I have been buying from CTFO for the last 5+ years….the vitamins, protein shakes, and cbd oil mainly.  More recently, the Xantho Mist which is a mangosteen mouth mist.   I’m never sick, so they definitely strengthen ones immunity.   I felt very tired and a little delirious during n after treatments for about a year and it surely helped.  I still continue.   If youre interested, here is the link to it.


I also use Field of Greens powder every day in a drink.  Just do a general search for it.