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This book describes the 1 year+ adventure of the most interesting or humorous happenings as a single working mom with breast cancer. My objective when writing was to appeal to other cancer patients and their families and to hopefully bring them entertainment at the expense of my (temporary) bad luck through the process.

I hope this book brings smiles and some chuckles to those of you out there fighting cancer. Laughter was definitely something I wanted and needed while going through it myself. Boredom and discomfort are not a good combination, and those of you going through treatments know what I mean. Try and make the best of your situation. Everyone’s environment is different. As for myself, I’m a single mother. On top of that, any family members I have are a couple of states away. But, I have been blessed to have a great church family that prayed for me and some members that also offered practical help. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Also, make sure you’re eating healthy (natural/organic foods preferably), hydrating yourself…and, of course, laughing whenever possible. Find humor in whatever you can…sitcoms, comedy movies, and enjoyable people to be around. Laughter IS the best medicine. Perhaps you will at least find my bad luck entertaining.


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In my review of the book, Kathy Moore touched on several aspects that resonated with me because I am a parent too. I appreciated how she shared her very personal experiences without being down about it...it was "just something she had to get through" kind of attitude. She never doubted a good outcome either. Kathy also offered some practical tips, which will help me as I start my treatments soon.
Michelle Grey
I Have No Time For Cancer serves as a testament to the human spirit and the strength we all have inside us to face life's challenges head-on. If you or someone you know is dealing with cancer, this book is a must-read for its message of what we can do when we think we can't, or when we think we don't have time, but it all works out..
Rick Sangler

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